Cloud Audit Network

CAN or Cloud Audit Network is a structured audit executed simultaneously at multi-locations across the country and delivered in a user-friendly manner at an impressive turn-around-time (36 hours). The contents of the report meet the diverse requirements of CEO, CFO, business heads of marketing, sales, CRM, logistics, HR & compliance, and Audit committee/board.

CAN works through a proprietary “Auditing App” specially designed for efficiently conducting branch/depot audits and audit of company owned/franchisee owned retail outlets, in a very short span of time and at low cost to clients.

The entire audit observations are recorded in real time on the “CAN” app by the auditors, which gets uploaded on the cloud server. Once the entire audit exercise is over, the audit report is automatically generated in “electronic form” and the concerned “Functional Heads” of the client company can access the e-audit reports on their mobile phones after downloading the “CAN” app.

The big picture is narrowed down graphically where a mere glance gives the health of key parameters like profitability, serviceability, inventory control, deviations on controls/governance and many more.

Why CAN?

With a combination of good and optimum service, provided uniformly across the country, CAN points out the weaknesses in various branches of an organization. It enables an organization to deliver effective services and satisfaction to customers, keeping in minds the benefit of all the stakeholders involved.

The other significant advantage is minimal travel and stay cost, as execution happens through locally trained CAN resources.

To sum up, CAN helps clients achieve their goals in Service Delivery, Product Delivery and Customer Satisfaction and enhance client's image, market share and profitability.

  • Patented simultaneous audits across various locations
  • Cost-effectiveness, Accuracy & Uniformity (>90%)
  • Cloud Auditing for Instantaneous structured reports
  • Quick decision making without loss of time
  • Fiercely Independent & Transparent
  • Call Centre for Customer support

Behind CAN

“CAN” is an offering from Profaids Consulting, a boutique advisory firm specializing in Risk and Management Audits, comprising Multi -Professionals and functional experts

Profaids Consulting is a 20 year old firm that has pan-India presence and its roster of clients include marquee Corporate groups and listed companies across industry verticals. Profaids Consulting has over the years developed many proprietary auditing methodologies and procedures and the outcomes emanating from that have impressed many clients all over India. This expertise has come to bear on the “CAN” app and Cloud Technology offered.

Our Team

CAN has a panel of experts in retail audit, risk management and mystery shopping. To achieve uniform delivery in a cost effective way, CAN engages dedicated professionals located across India.

  • Nodal division of the country in to 5 nodes covering all states and top 100 cities. Each node has a knowledge centre where associates are trained & groomed for consistency as per CAN standards

  • The structured audit process and metrics is centrally captured on the Cloud Server and delivered to the associates’ mobile devices at the designated time and location matching GPS of client locations and consultant to ensure audit is indeed done on the location.

  • The audit & mystery shopping process is executed through the CAN mobile app at the end of-the-day and the assessment is uploaded to the Cloud by CAN associates across the country

  • The software processes above data per defined metrics in compliance with the standards and highlights variations and delivers reports Graphically for all locations/ function/ analyzing key parameter in 24/36 hours time

Services Offered

Retail Audit

Businesses that have franchise partners and Retail chain invest heavily in Branding, Merchandising, Inventory and People. The expectation is on maintaining a good infrastructure, while responding optimally to the consumer requirements as per the established uniform standards.

Retail and Service Audits ensure strict compliance with expected norms to protect client's brand, image and enhance consumer experience, and to increase referrals to boost the sales.

Stock Audits

Backed by two decades of experience in multiple industry segments, CAN provides exemplary comfort and control over inventory starting from accurate reporting of stock, documentation of movements, 100% physical verification to help reduce/prevent stock leakages through lost , theft, erroneous dispatches.

Mystery Shopping

It is one thing to set high standards in one's own business locations and it is altogether a game changer if the same high standards could be standardized and replicated across the channel spread over multi locations that are managed by multiple franchisees.

Mystery Shopping relentlessly show cases overall customer experience and franchisee response and compliance to build scalable and successful businesses.

Mystery Shopping

Know More

Mystery Shopping - Key takeaways

  1. 01. No compliance to time or upkeep of premises, budget on Diwali Mela seems to be not spent fully.
  2. 02. salesman not attentive and not well groomed.
  3. 04. The salesman has little knowledge of the product
  4. 05. The Senior has to intervene to provide even basic details
  5. 06. They are holding back on discount, ripping customer if not well informed.
  6. 07. Required variant like MT of test drive cars that sell in more numbers not available
  7. 09. Dealership has not kept minimum inventory, to exhibit to the customer
  8. 10. The salesman haven't taken for customer info and not enthusiastic to close the deal.

Industries that would benefit from “CAN”

Businesses with Pan India presence with Multi-locations, either Company/ Franchise operated under the following business categories are chosen for specialization to address best in class controls, process and governance standards.

  • FMCG / Retail

  • Automobile

  • Restaurant

  • Finance

  • Healthcare

  • Education

“CAN” has a tailor made variant for auditing the branches of NBFCs and MFIs.

An Illustration of scope of engagement for typical FMCG/Retail Chain audit

  • Inventory verification and management controls
  • Branch/ Warehouse operations- Inward, Dispatch, Banking efficiency
  • Audit of service levels, Upkeep and Maintenance
  • Compliance, Ethical conduct w.r.t pricing, passing on discounts etc
  • Schemes, Promotional activities, Claims
  • HR- skill sets, attitude of personnel, Committed team strength
  • Safety and Statutory Compliance

Client Advantage

CAN will centrally execute the audit process, under single superior methodology, developed by the domain experts, perfected through consultations with the clients.

  • Speedy coverage of extensive Branch network-Pan India Audit in one or two days and delivery of structured reports in 24hrs.
  • Audit process, check points customized to client needs
  • Low cost due to engagement of Partners Pan India close to client location
  • Systematic audit procedures featured in the app ensures that all areas to be covered during an audit are addressed

CAN progresses in two roads simultaneously. By becoming our client, achieve excellence in your business. By becoming a CAN associate, enhance your experience and reach.

Associate Advantage

CAN associates are young professionals in financial consulting, startup consulting firms, existing ambitious firms with a drive to scale up and the right attitude. They work from a virtual office with access to high-speed internet and mobile devices.

Each associate dedicates 5 to 10 resources and they will be trained on the CAN methodology relating to the knowledge content, client specific needs, and use of technology to deliver uniform results regardless of the geography or the associate in charge. CAN associates enjoy a wider scope for opportunities and working for reputed firms, while staying in their comfort zone.

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